About BilT

BilT Guitars have been making custom electric guitars by hand in Des Moines, Iowa since 2009.



Our designs are shaped and informed by a deep experience in guitar repair and restoration. We have the advantage of having worked on thousands of guitars and with thousands of players. We understand the aspects of the guitar that provide peak performance and longevity. We also understand the players expectations and needs and strive to fulfill them. Our mission, our goal, is to create the tools that inspire you to make music.


BilT's a small company.

Every crafted guitar is made by manually using the sense of touch, not only to guide, but also as a wielded hand tool. If it’s not quite clear, we build handmade electric guitars right here in Des Moines, Iowa USA! We love guitars, we love music made with guitars, we love our guitars making music. 

Check out our glossary for better clarity and finer point details.


Looking for more?

If you have questions, want to chat or build something that's more outlandish than what you see here. Drop us a line.